Believing is seeing

Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” John 11:40 (NIV)

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The value of forward looking

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Most activities in life require that we pay attention to what lies ahead of us. Driving a car, riding a bike or even playing a tennis game builds effectiveness on this principle. Yet, how many times have we caught ourselves dwelling on our past? Or getting bogged down with the anxiety or resolving future problems in the present? Rare are those of us immune to these habits.

There is no question that we need to keep in mind our goals and dreams to reach them. This means avoiding distraction and the backward looking stressor. It also means desisting the restlessness germane to the desire of crossing a bridge before we get to the riverbank. Finally, it means focusing our attention on managing the present and improving ourselves for the exigencies of our aimed destination.

Statistics and current conditions, though important, reflect trends and past experiences. They can hardly withstand the efforts of a mind determined to change them. In other words, we must focus on the solution and not on the problem.

The road to the promised land of our dreams abound with enemies, snakes, shortages, complaints, pains and frustrations. However, looking forward to getting to our promised land someday and our continuing efforts in the right direction will invigorate our courage and resolve until we make it. Success comes with a price. Are you ready to pay it? If you believe this price is too high, would you want to try failure?

Jean Ricot Dormeus

Taken from my book Land of Dormant Dreams:

“Our success flows from renewed optimism, greater love and higher unity. Our dreams, our passion for learning and our courage are effective instruments. They all fuel the motivation and the mindset needed to create a bright future. The process of internalizing these values occurs through the adoption of constructive habits and the deliberate transformation of our culture.”

Land of Dormant Dreams, page xii

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Success without love? You wish.
By Jean Ricot DORMEUS

Have you been pursuing lasting success by applying mechanically some formula or technique? Or by working harder and harder? Have you pulled it off or do you see it coming? If the wild horse of success stubbornly resists your attempts to tame it, stop trying to produce fire without a spark. Use also the game changer of love.

Love speaks a universal language that anyone understands. A smile or a word of kindness will go to great lengths. A while ago, I was negotiating an accord with an astute Dominican Ambassador, known for his visceral opposition to the ideas I was defending. From the outset, I showed appreciation and respect. I also referred to his hereditary competence on the issues, because his father used to work on the same matters.

This attitude alone created a conducive environment that facilitated report and success where previous attempts had failed.

You must sincerely love the people around you at home, at the workplace or in the competition arena. Otherwise, your best efforts will hardly measure up to the task.

You must also develop love for what you are doing. Halfheartedness and frustrations like to complicate every assignment and derail your walk towards excellence.

Why does love work so nicely? Because it adds meaning to our success. Because our love recipients will surely reciprocate and we will end up receiving what we gave in the first place. Love changes our lives and transforms our communities. Give it a try in everything, you will be amazed at the results.

Jean Ricot DORMEUS

The text below is taken from the book Land of Dormant Dreams, a walk into the future. Pages 9 -10

“Love as a radiant sun will drive away your darkness, Zenitha.
Love will work miracles in your midst and restore courage to your children.
Love will inspire them to live for each other, and help each other.
Love will lay a sweet hand on you and clothe you with beauty and brilliance.
Love will come through: the brother will value, educate and protect his
Love will banish violence, exploitation and all prejudice.
Love will free your genius. Your talents will no longer be lost in the night
of indifference
Love will bring back excellence. The world will look again for what comes
from you.
Love will elevate you. Fortune, peace and happiness will come naturally
to you.
Love will heal you. Only love will restore you to your altitude, Zenitha.”

Taken from the book Land of Dormant Dreams, a walk into the future. Pages 9 - 10

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Redirecting our lives

Redirecting our lives

Do you feel satisfied of your day and on the right track as you prepare for your night rest? Or do you routinely proceed without any particular thought for what happened during the time you have been conscious?

Most of us go on autopilot because we have not developed the habit of checking the direction of our lives daily. Our mood gets the best of us. Not only do we put up with current or past circumstances, but also we have no lever to gear up our steps towards our goals and dreams.

Do you want to change this state of affairs and get a grip? If your answer is yes, then you desire to understand and control the course of your life. This desire alone, if maintained strong and long enough, will lead you to the tools and techniques that apply to your situation.

What if you set aside 5 to 10 minutes before bedtime? What for? To  review your day, express gratitude and come up with a few ideas that can make an impact on the next day. This habit strikes by its simplicity. However, it works like a magnifying glass. It concentrates the rays of your thoughts to blaze a trail for a better life.

In my book “Land of Dormant Dreams, a walk into the future”, you will mine such ideas. This transformative novel helps you to redirect your life, and the circumstances of your community and nation.

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“Liberty, equality, and fraternity remain the rallying cry of women and men in love with peace and prosperity. May the ashes of the past and the untiring effort of the present fertilize the seeds of the future.”
Taken from “Land of Dormant Dreams”, page 12.

Jean Ricot DORMEUS

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Welcome to "Wake Dormant Dreams" Blog

I am delighted to welcome you to my blog "Wake Dormant Dreams - Developing Self and Nation". This blog shares with you insights from my book "Land of Dormant Dreams - A walk into the future" ( and other publications. It supports your desire and efforts to improve yourself and to make a contribution to your community and your nation.

You are sure to benefit from tips and ideas that sustain your motivation to activate your dormant dreams and pursue your goals steadfastly. You will also get inspiration from timeless wisdom gems flowing in particular from the Bible. These principles and values have fueled mankind progress and success since time immemorial.

"Wake Dormant Dreams" will serve as a catalyst for your happiness and the betterment of your society. Also I invite your suggestions and recommendations for a more fulfilling journey for our visiting friends and readers.

God bless us and heal our land!

Serving you,

Jean Ricot Dormeus