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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

No pain no gain

No pain no gain

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Most people pursue pleasure and avoid pain. In fact, happiness features as a supreme value because our efforts in life aim at such a state. Contrary to feeling motivated at the thought of joy and success, we dread even the perspective of suffering and loss. Hence the question, "is pain all that bad?"

It is amazing that the dichotomy between pleasure and pain often fades away. The pain we experience when we study or work out at the gym precedes skills or fitness. The process of working smart and hard leads to success and financial achievements. And long hours practicing the piano or tennis prepare for great performance.

In other words, we grow when we embrace productive suffering. Process related pain throws a bridge that gets us to the bank of results on the other side of the river. Sometimes those who balk at efforts and focus fall into the trap of superficial, fake and fleeting happiness that produces  permanent or deeper pain in the future. The long-term result on the narrow road of building resilience always trumps the short-term profit on the highway of shortcuts and instant gratification.

Accepting procedural pain doesn't mean we should embrace masochism. We should not live in needless pain as it would deteriorate the quality and meaning of our lives.

The pain we take helps us face fears, threats and dangers. It gives us courage to stick to the task at hand until completion and brings out a sense of mission. It creates confidence and boosts energy to keep moving forward.

Do you crave success and happiness? Take some procedural pain and build resilience, because no pain no gain.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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