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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Take control over the unexpected in your life

Take control over the unexpected in your life

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

I was heading out to play tennis properly garbed, with two racquets sticking out of my backpack. I locked the door knob from the inside and pulled my apartment door shut. I greeted the security guard and a neighbor on my way to the car. When I reached the driver's door, I realized that I had left the key to the car and the house inside.

As I had no access, my mind raced all over the place. I thought that my day plan was ruined. And on a Sunday early morning, no locksmith would be available. I grew anxious not knowing what to do. Suddenly, my neighbor who had gone out on a bike came back to me and said, "I have just found out that a locksmith was living around the corner and he was willing to come over and help.

In a matter of minutes, the locksmith arrived. He checked the lock and asked if I had a credit card or something of sorts. I gave him a card. He introduced it into the groove between the frame and the door and in a few seconds got the door open. I was able to go play tennis grateful and amazed.

Often, life presents us with unexpected events and challenges with no solution in sight. In those moments, our anxiety may have the best of us. Keeping calm and positive turns out to be the best way to handle tricky situations. Not only our resourcefulness may kick in faster, but also we are more likely to get help around us.

In times of crisis or dysfunctions, being mindful will prevent us from doubling down on our woes by getting angry  or overwhelmed. Let's take control over the unexpected in our lives. After all, most of them are unavoidable and they may be for the better. 

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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