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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Let's implement our resolutions

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Governments and international organizations resort to resolutions as a tool for change and improvement. Likewise, we periodically make personal resolutions to steer the course of our lives. Resolutions help to create positive habits, build new skills, improve our relationships, and increase our assets. However, too many of them are short lived or produce no effect at all. Hence the question: how can we make sure to implement them?

Firstly, every change starts in our minds. Many resolutions require specific knowledge or skills. Therefore, once we determine why we make a resolution, we need to identify the attendant skill set we have to learn. Most of the time, we get under the illusion that we can make things happen without a strong desire or relevant knowledge. Let's be clear from the outset, a change in our minds brings about a change in our lives.

Secondly, we adopt a schedule to implement our resolutions effectively. We periodically do activities to advance the implementation process, thus feeding our motivation. When we enlist ourselves in such a plan, consistency will pay in the long run and we will see results.

Finally, let's harness the strength of a team to get through. It is easier to slack off when we go it alone. If we are part of a like-minded team, we will take advantage of the synergy of the group. As we encourage others in their efforts, we get a boost, because we usually receive when we give.

Let's afford our resolutions a chance to flourish and bear fruit. Let's implement them by learning, motivating ourselves through scheduling, and becoming part of a good team. It will be a matter of time before we collect the reward of our efforts.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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