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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Embrace your uniqueness

Embrace your uniqueness

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Every human being bears the seal of uniqueness. Even identical twins exhibit different sets of fingerprints. Regardless of your physical characteristics, cognitive skills and social extraction, you form a unique blend. Your life trajectory brings you an unmatched set of experiences with specific challenges and opportunities. Therefore, your value is intrinsic in your nature. No flaw can damage it.

A perfect diamond raises the suspicion of being fake. It is possible to mass-produce diamonds. And they look perfect and very appealing. Reason why gemologists look for flaws in this precious stone to assess its genuineness. In other words, your flaws point to your value and authenticity, and confirm your uniqueness.

When you embrace your uniqueness, you accept your size, height, color, gender, even your handicaps, if any. Then you develop your natural assets as you educate your minds, grow your gifts and enhance your talents. Else, you run the risk of being a copy of someone. You would fail your mission on earth, and feel unfulfilled.

Passion, natural dispositions and skills work in synergy to catapult your growth. This powerful mix turns any simple task into an outstanding achievement. Realize that some people use this mix to transform a single chicken recipe into a billion dollar business.

Even though you learn from everyone and every possible source to fulfill your potential, you gain in following your calling. This road surely leads to happiness and a satisfying life. Imagine what would happen if artists, athletes, businesspeople and professionals should cap themselves to the level of their coaches! Your uniqueness raises your limit to the sky.

Do you have qualms loving yourself and embracing your uniqueness? Think again. You are a genuine diamond. Don't seek to be identical to anyone else. Your uniqueness provides a solid foundation for your treasure, embrace it.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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