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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Enthusiasm lifts you to success

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Most cases of success reveal enthusiasm at work. Much knowledge and good strategies still need to overcome indolence, procrastination and negligence to be effective. The horse of decisiveness and positive energy pulls the cart of our vision and skills. Enthusiasm supports the conditions for great achievements.

As a boy, I used to make my own kite. I learned to use the right material: coconut tree leaf spine or bamboo shreds, tissue or wrapping paper, thread, among other things. I also learned the right technique, in particular the respect of symmetry and proportions. All that was far from enough though; I  always needed a good breeze to fly a perfectly made kite.

The good breeze of enthusiasm lifts your goals and strategies to success.

Firstly, enthusiasm, this nice feeling of energetic interest, triggers confidence. When we embark on a project, this feeling helps to secure our first steps as we seek to get the lay of the land and adjust to new activities and circumstances. Enthusiasm assures us that we will reach our expected results.

Secondly, enthusiasm prevents inaction and enables resilience. We expect challenges, but we keep going because we know that we are up to the task. Else, we identify the gaps and bridge them following adequate research, learning and training.

Lastly, enthusiasm confirms our authority or leadership. It radiates to our circle of influence.
We will inspire our team and those we serve with our eagerness to walk even a difficult path until destination. Success and leadership thrive on communicating this burning desire.

Let's not mistake precipitation or temerity for enthusiasm. A good breeze differs from a storm or a tornado. These would not sustain the kite of your pursuit. However, the good breeze of enthusiasm will lift you to success.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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