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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sharpen your dialogue skills

Sharpen your dialogue skills

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Dialogue shapes the human experience. We grow and thrive using dialogue. We express our needs, wants and expectations through dialogue. And there is no way around dialogue to negotiate and convince, to maintain or restore peace, and to heal ailing relationships. However, how effectively do we use this vital tool to craft better families, businesses and communities?

Effective dialogue entails an interest in communicating and understanding. It takes trust, respect and active listening. When these features come short, static noise and self focus step in, resulting in cacophony and confusion over simple issues. Therefore, we gain in nurturing and refining such features to capture the minds and hearts of our interlocutors and secure desired results.

Dialogue brings together at least two persons, a speaker and a hearer for a give and take exercise based on a common language. Its attendant synergy helped found nations, advance science, and create businesses. Where the pedals of individual efforts failed, the engine of dialogue and togetherness have prevailed.

Conflict prevention and resolution use the vehicle of dialogue to reach the destination of peace and harmony. Not only in the family and among groupings within the nation, but also among nations.

Estranged partners, friends and even foes sit at the table of dialogue to generate hope for change based on an agreed upon solution. They keep working together as long as they head towards common interests and show respect and sensitivity to each other.

Invest some time in improving the way you relate to people. No matter how smart, strong or committed you are, your progress in life may be limited without sharpened dialogue skills.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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