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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The art of expressing satisfaction

The art of expressing satisfaction

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

I enjoy listening to good speeches and I have had a chance to deliver well received remarks. Like most speakers, I express satisfaction as I engage my audience. This technique works like lather on the beard before shaving. It prepares, smooths out and facilitates interactions.

An effective first impression helps to get our message across. Expressing satisfaction supports a good impression for two reasons. First, by virtue of the principle of consistency, we keep taking pleasure in the process. Secondly, our interlocutors reciprocate to us and tend to become more attentive and receptive.

In challenging circumstances, we have to find the silver lining to dark clouds. It would be counterproductive to let negative emotions roam free, even for the sake of honesty and genuineness.

Take satisfaction in half full glasses. This approach trains your mind to focus on what is good. It nurtures hope and boosts positive energy. It sustains good mood and promotes a relaxing and healthy ambiance.

Further, expressing satisfaction points to refinement in manners and respect for the efforts of others. You end up effecting change in a smooth and effective way. Whatever you are satisfied with keeps expanding until it takes prominence. At the same time, whatever you starve of attention shrinks.

A flight that goes through much turbulence, but lands safely is ultimately a good experience. It offers you an opportunity to recognize the ability of the pilot and the crew. Focusing on the rough patch would leave a bitter taste that may linger for a long while.

With all its benefits, expressing satisfaction is an art worthy of cultivating, isn't?

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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