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Friday, August 30, 2019

Let your environment lift you up

Let your environment lift you up

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

A fish in the water, a bird in the air or an earthworm in the ground shows how every lifeform adapts and thrives in a particular environment. Our survival and success correlates with the quality of our environment. Reason why it is imperative to keep our surroundings as accommodating as possible. 

Parameters such as temperature, noise level, and cleanliness play an important role in our productivity and well-being. Other psychological factors like calm, hope and generosity expand our drive and success. Both external and internal stimuli deserve to be managed well to optimize the quality of our life.

Nature ecosystems with trees, flowers, rivers and animals help define our dispositions and play an important role in our development. Take a walk in a forest or a natural park, and you will feel better. Spend some time in a chaotic and filthy place, and you may experience the opposite feelings as people will be more inclined to anger and aggressiveness.

Like it or not, we receive the influence of people around us. If you fight an addiction, you will gain in avoiding companies that would act as enablers. Likewise, if you are irritable or prone to cursing, try to be in a peaceful social setting.

It is true your willpower can find ways to overcome any challenge, but with the right environment on your side, half of the battle is already won. Start adopting small tidiness habits such as making your bed regularly, organizing your drawers, get everything in its place, before you know it, you will feel empowered to effect greater change in your life. Let your environment lift you up.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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