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Friday, August 23, 2019

Practice impartiality

Practice impartiality

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Well balanced and thriving societies often take roots on fairness and respect for everyone, including the most vulnerable. They know that bias based on physical features, lack of education or economic status, impacts on progress, overlooks imperceptible genius and stifles an environment conducive to peace and harmony. Consequently, such societies advocate policies and attitudes that leave no one behind. Genuine freedom empowers us to uphold the dignity of every human being.

The United Nations and other international organizations promote a zero discrimination world. This promotion flows from the realization that intolerance, prejudice and racism wreak havoc as they justify abuse to other people, sometimes even unconsciously.

On the other hand, impartiality attaches great value to human life and helps us to keep our emotions in check. So we give credit where it is due despite our preferences, we extend a helping hand to the differently abled and we see our fellow men as our equals regardless of their appearance or circumstances.

Impartiality earns us the respect and appreciation of others in the long run. Our children, co-workers and friends give weight to our word and judgment. Further, we accept it when our team loses as we recognize that the opponent played better or had a good break. Even though we suffer some loss, impartiality empowers us to prepare better and win in the future.

Impartiality represents the substance of justice. When we uphold the rights of others and stand for the truth, someone will return us the favor in time of need. At the same time, we contribute to an environment of stability, peace and progress in our communities. Isn't this outcome a good enough reason to practice impartiality, zero prejudice and zero discrimination?

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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