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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Adopt the fair treatment principle

Adopt the fair treatment principle
By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Two years ago, New York City Council and the NYC Commission on Human Rights launched an inclusivity and non discrimation campaign. This initiative followed  a 60 per cent increase in overall reports of discrimination, with complaints involving a person’s race, religion, national origin and immigration status reaching a shocking 30 per cent. Mayor De Blasio had to take a stand for diversity in the city.

In too many instances, social status, affinities, skin color and preferences determine the type of treatment people give to others. Someone with a mindset of superiority usually lavishes smiles and greetings on those of her kinship while running roughshod over the others. This attitude acts out of fear or favor. As a consequence, tensions form in society and abuse proliferates. A stand for indiscriminate fairness helps to remedy such a social pathology.

Great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi showed universal respect. They knew that not only society would benefit from the application of this principle but also they would gain moral uplifting. In fact, they were able to elevate themselves to the status of universal figures because they were even-handed.

Universal fair treatment contributes to a social environment conducive to the fulfillment of men, women and children, in particular the most vulnerable ones. Everyone is more likely to thrive when they know they are only judged by their skills and the content of their character.

As a consequence, peace and social harmony gain ground. Minorities, at-risk groups and differently abled segments can aspire to the loftiest achievements and realize their full potential.

Make the fair treatment principle an essential arrow in your quiver.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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