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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Set up and maintain your environment

Set up and maintain your environment

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

A flying fish or a bird diving in the sea reminds us of our limitations and our dependence on our environment. Neither can the fish live in air nor the bird under the water for long. Their distinctive nature determines their adaptation to the ecosystem. 

Further even the ideal environment type requires maintaining. Birds flee from smoke filled air and fish die in water contaminated by mining wastes. The over 7 billion people on earth, we are no exception. Despite our ability to adjust even to some extremes, we need to set up and maintain our environment for sustainability, growth and success.

In a way, we make our environment and our environment makes us. Deforested countries experience more extreme temperatures and flooding than greener ones. The lack of trees degrades biodiversity pushing out some species to greener pasture. A messy environment tends to take our mood, interpersonal relationships and even our security to negative territory.  A clean and tidy ambiance enhances our lives.

Thoughtful actions carry far reaching consequences on our environment. Think of climate change or global warming and the value of planting trees or the use of biodegradable containers will jump to consciousness. You hardly see a well-off neighborhood dirty. Perhaps tidiness contributes to prosperity. Or a prince’s mansion going to the dogs. Perhaps proper care leads to royalty. 

If your life is less than satisfying, check your surroundings, among other things. They may hold the secret to major changes. Set up and maintain your environment to transform your life.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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