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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Uphold human dignity

Uphold human dignity
By Jean Ricot Dormeus

When the coronavirus plague hit China, many people started stigmatizing Chinese and other Asians. World leaders had to remind their fellow citizens that the issue was with the disease and not with the individuals. The virus has now caused a pandemic that places rich and poor, big and small on the same vulnerability boat. 

Countries from all continents are reeling from this scourge. We have come to realize that another man's wound can become ours. Therefore, we need to promote and defend human dignity at all costs.

Human dignity finds a solid foundation in the golden rule that Jesus enunciated at the beginning of his ministry: "Do to others as you would like them do to you". You experience the value of the golden rule when you get the short end of the stick. Imagine you are in the shoes of an unappreciated domestic worker, a person with disability or an undocumented immigrant. In such a situation wouldn't you want everyone to show respect for your dignity? Of course.

Further, your attitude towards others may determine the direction of your life. Look down on someone and down the road it reflects on you. Your thoughts, your feelings and your vision will struggle down a slippery slope. Uplift someone and you automatically elevate yourself. Your mind, your heart and your conscience will more likely go up the ladder to social harmony and better life.

In other words we affirm our dignity by supporting the dignity and self-esteem of others. For your own sake, uphold human dignity and serve other people well,  by treating them with respect, kindness and understanding.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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