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Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” John 11:40 (NIV)

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Commit to the truth

Commit to the truth

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Former President of France Jacques Chirac once said, "Electoral promises engage those who receive them." He was referring to political discourse crafted to win an election without considering the likelihood of delivery. In fact, many candidates running for office feed their audience on what is likely to get them approval or popularity. Such an approach caters for convenience or expediency and not for the truth.

Expediency may get you what you want, but your success may fade away quickly for lack of foundation. Utterances that only have the appearance of truth often have the same fate as the seed in rocky ground. The seed fallen in rocky ground immediately springs up because it has no depth of soil. The sunlight will scorch it fast since it has no root.

Whoever wants to build for the future and reach sustainable success must consider the facts, the evidence and the truth. The director of a state agency wrote in his CV that he holds three masters and two PhDs. When journalists dug out and uncovered the truth, he had to resign in shame. The desire to reach the top ought not cloud the need to build trust and character.

Also it matters to believe what is true. Accepting fake news or false teachings leads to counterproductive behaviors. In 1912, Robert Scott and his team perished on their way back from the South Pole because, among other things, they wrongly believed that ponies and motor sledges could adapt to polar conditions.  

Seek and commit to the truth. The compass of the truth always points to the right direction. The light of the truth shines on our paths so that we make the right choices.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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