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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Your language, your stepping stone

Your language, your stepping stone

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

We use our language to express our thoughts and feelings, to entertain and convince, to inspire and transform. Imagine the world without Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, without the impactful words of Churchill, Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. Our language holds such power as to make or break our life and the progress of our community. Our language, whether in jest or in anger, at work or at home, to ourselves, to a friend or to a foe, fashions our condition.

Therefore, we should pay careful attention to what we say. Not only it reveals our extraction and level of education, but also our views on our fellow men and women, and our aspirations. The topics dominating our conversations and the way we address them display our true selves. The water of our language can hardly be of better quality than the source of our minds and hearts.

If you want your interlocutors to speak kindly with you, speak kindly with them. If you want other people to use non judgmental words on you, use appreciative words on them. If you want your neighbors to utter supportive thoughts about you, utter supportive thoughts about them. The world tend to mirror you by returning your language to you.

Now any new skill brings along new concepts and a new language. When you use them to enlighten and help others, you gain respect. This way, you increase your influence and attain more easily positions of leadership.

If you desire more from life, don't just invest in your look, your outfit, your diet and your fitness. Invest also in refining and enriching your language, because your language is your stepping stone.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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