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Friday, September 13, 2019

Choose your allies

Choose your allies

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Alliance conjures up entities joining forces in the face of a common challenge. In times of war, countries team up to get an edge and in times of peace, they unite to dissuade potential enemies. Organizations, businesses, families and individuals also have allies they count on to advance their interests or to protect themselves. If you need advice or financial support to seize a business opportunity, you will immediately think of someone you can address. Likewise, if an emergency takes you to the hospital, you will want to advise a set of persons immediately.

Sometimes, we form alliances and make friends by default, without strategic thinking. For example, sharing a neighborhood or attending the same school might be a factor. However, lasting alliances require more in depth consideration such as affinity of goals, values and principles. If you strive to be a level headed person, an irritable and aggressive ally may derail your efforts. If you are passionate about working, an ally prone to pleasure or idleness might not be ideal.  And if you like to build, you may not consider a destructive ally.

Therefore, it is crucial to explore your motives and identify the interest you pursue within an alliance. You will be in a better place if you weigh the advantages and inconveniences and make the pertinent choice. Thoughtless relationships or alliances may prove useless and even harmful. When you need them, they may elude you.

Also, depriving yourself of alliances may not amount to a good strategy. Good allies will build you up, rejoice in your success and extend a hand in difficult times. When an alliance runs its course, consider your options and make the requisite change. For the sake of your future, choose the right allies.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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