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Friday, September 27, 2019

The art of letting go

The art of letting go

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Single mother Bertie experienced frequent bouts of anger and depression. She couldn’t sustain long-term harmonious relationships, even with her children. She often brought up memories of unfair treatment at the hands of her step mother. As a result, she saw herself as a victim and had difficulty trusting anybody. She adopted a negative and judgmental attitude with fear and and anxiety dominating her emotions.

It took Bertie several therapy sessions, self-help reading and a connection with the Bible to turn her life around. She realized that her inability to live a happy life derived from unforgiveness toward the people who hurt her in the past. In the end, she  freed herself of this trap as she developed a more positive mindset.

Few people go through life without any incident that seared unfairness and pain on their mind. Our interpretation of what happened makes the difference. Either we learn from it or we suffer from it. In most cases, past experiences meant to grow our emotional muscles. No bodybuilder can be successful without tolerance to pain. The guitar player may have calluses at his fingertips, but without resilient fingers, there is no producing inspiring melodious music.

Letting go of past grievances brings along manifold benefits. Conflicts tend to be relegated in the past and give way to more harmonious relationships and a desire to please. The mind declutters for a better capacity to focus. Thenceforth, learning becomes easier and the present more enjoyable. We develop a sense of well-being as we suspend judgment on people, events and things.

It takes practice to make the art of letting go second nature. Pause often, bring your attention to the present and enjoy a better life.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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