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Friday, September 20, 2019

Get past your obstacles

Get past your obstacles

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Kerby, an energetic young man in his thirties, worked for a small store for over ten years. He often struggled to make ends meet. At some point, he became comfortable in his workplace despite the challenges and lack of upward mobility. A friend of his encouraged him to apply for a data processing job that would increase his salary by 50%. He just had to pass a proficiency test and get certified. 

The test turned into an obstacle as Kerby could not develop quickly enough the habit of reading and learning. Only after a long time and many attempts did he get through and and seize the new job opportunity. The hardships he experienced instilled in him the desire to change his lifestyle and cultivate his mind.

No important journey comes through without obstacles or hardships. Often, the traveler has to conquer multiple giants, including the fear of failure, the fear of uncertainty and the resistance to change. In this case, the desire to succeed and reach destination must trump the reluctance to face these giants. The attractiveness of the goal has to surpass the appeal for security. Getting out of the comfort zone requires strategy, patience and effort.

Hardships have their place. How could we grow muscles with pain and resistance, or fly a plane without gravity? These obstacles, far from discouraging and pushing to resignation, mobilize our cognitive resources and unleash our creativity. Often, challenges, trials and tribulations are allies in disguise.

To slay these giants, you have no choice but to learn more and better, design effective plans and strategies, enlist a team and develop a positive mindset. With these arrows in your quiver, you will get past your obstacles.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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