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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Humility elevates you

Humility elevates you

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

Most universally revered masters extol humility as a chief virtue. The saying goes “the only thing you do starting at the top is digging a hole”. To climb the ladder of maturity and progress you must be aware that others enjoy unique skills and strengths.  Even the weakest in appearance has something to offer, which you don't have. This sobering reality helps you to be humble.

Humility may not come to you naturally. Everyone wants to be the first and the best. Everyone wants to receive the appreciation of others. When you find yourself lacking in some way, you may tend to mask your feeling of inferiority by affirming your own importance or superiority. If you enjoy some success, you may believe that others are less deserving.

It takes a healthy self-esteem to nurture humility. You know your intrinsic worth and see beyond yourself. You know you cannot major in everything. If your colleagues perform better than you, it means that they can inspire and teach you. You remain aware that you have your own skills and experience they can learn from. Humility facilitates learning and encourages self-reflection.

You cannot reach a goal by yourself. You cannot receive this raise or experience that business growth without the support of others. Humility makes it easy for persons around you to lift you up or meet your request. By virtue of the principle of reciprocity, when you magnify the importance of others, they magnify your importance as well.

Humility and submission are not groveling. They are about respecting and appreciating others. They prepare you for higher ground. Humility elevates you.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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