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Monday, March 4, 2019

Keep control with forgiveness

Keep control with forgiveness

By Jean Ricot Dormeus

No one has ever avoided conflict altogether. In conflicts, many get hurt and hold grudges. A harsh attitude or word resonates and depresses over many years. Physical abuse may trigger an unending emotional distress. Most victims end up in a life of acrimony, complain and psychosomatic ailments.

The best prevention or cure against such a situation is to forgive and move on.

Forgiveness means you renounce your right to get even as would require justice and fairness. You recognize that you cannot take responsibility for someone else's action, and getting revenge goes beyond your duty. In fact, when you declutter your minds from the impact of unfairness, you refocus and regain control over your lives.

Forgiveness places you on a higher plane than your abuser. You don't want to do to the wicked the same thing he did to you. You oppose good to evil and you show love where hatred was meted out. You fight fire with water. In short, you let your spiritual principles shine.

You forgive because you love yourself. Why continue to live with the burden of painful memories? Why gracing your abuser with frequent thoughts?  With forgiveness, you remember the unpleasant incident while keeping a good emotional state. You also learn to manage abusive environments and deprive abusers of the joy of hurting you.

Many unfair acts redirect your path for better opportunities. The Bible story of Joseph teaches that sometimes betrayal or a bad break helps you to reach your full potential. Therefore, you must forgive. The abuser may not know what he is doing. And you may become stronger and more fulfilled because of the incident.

Keep control of your life. Forgive others and yourself.

Jean Ricot Dormeus

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